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Late Night Revisions


What do you do when you’re working on revisions and it’s almost midnight, and you realize you forgot to eat dinner when feeding your child? I will tell you. You open the fridge, take out your leftover pasta, and spruce it up with some fresh basil. Then you eat it cold, because you can’t even take the time to stick it in the microwave.

Procrastination for Lunch

Spicy Meatballs at Digg Inn Seasonal Market

Some days I’m starving way before lunchtime. I don’t know if it’s because I recently started going to the gym again, or if it’s because my active, getting into everything  nineteen-month-old really keeps me on my toes.

Either way, on days I’m this hungry, I become completely overwhelmed by the choices nearby. There are salad places, a falafel place, a Malaysian restaurant that has great specials (even if the chicken is a little rubbery), a health food spot, and a sandwich shop that claims to be all natural (but when I brought my mother in one day she swore she could smell the preservatives, and she truly has the nose for that sort of thing, so I don’t go there much).

My inability to decide what to eat is compounded by my hunger, which makes it even harder to decide what to eat, and the whole thing becomes this vicious cycle. By then I am past the point of needing a sandwich and ready to skip right to the chocolate.

That’s when I go downstairs, look in each restaurant to determine which line is shortest, and my decision is made.

Today I went to Digg Inn Seasonal Market. It’s one of my favorite neighborhood places. It used to be The Pump, and it’s still run by the same company, but they took the concept of healthy food a step further by making it healthy fast food.

Everything is already prepared when you walk in. The magic of Digg Inn is that the food never looks like it’s been sitting there all afternoon. You choose a starch, an entree and three sides. The line moves quickly, and the staff is very pleasant.

For lunch I usually get the braised beef on top of vegetable brown rice. The rice has big chunks of carrot in it, which add a nice flavor. Growing up, the brisket from my grandfather’s deli was famous in our town. He cooked it with big chunks of carrots. When I get the braised beef at Digg Inn I ask for extra gravy, and I have a dish that’s somewhat reminiscent of my childhood.

Today I felt adventurous, and got the spicy meatballs. When I order something spicy, I like it to be spicy. I’m happy to say these meatballs don’t disappoint.

For the sides, there are a ton of choices, and this indecisive girl tries to pick before going in so I don’t hold up the line. Today I had roasted winter vegetables, sweet potatoes, and cabbage slaw with coconut milk (and yes, you can really taste the coconut).

I wish they had better desserts, but let’s face it, it’s probably better they don’t.

Which brings me to my next point. I think snacking is a bigger problem for me than what to have for lunch. Even after a good meal, there are still some afternoons when three hours later I’m famished again. It’s the snacking that kills me. It’s always the snacking.

So once again I go downstairs and try to find something that’s not the equivalent of a second lunch. I also don’t want to undo all my good work by getting a brownie from Pret or Chop’t, so I usually grab an apple and some almonds. It seems to do the trick. But I often wonder, does writing about food make me hungrier? Or is snacking just another word for procrastination?