Sochi 2014

Do you wonder what they’re eating at the Olympic Village? I wonder every time I watch an event.

I imagine they have eggs for breakfast, the real ones, not the egg mixture that comes in cartons and is popular for foodservice, and oatmeal. I picture lots of oatmeal in the Olympic Village.

I also wonder if the cafeteria serves dessert. Wouldn’t that kind of be a waste on the athletes, to put out little dishes of chocolate pudding and tiny plates of cake? If they do, I would think the majority would remian untouched, with the exception of the athletes who’ve lost that day, and need a little comforting. 

I am obsessed with the figure skaters, and I can’t imagine those long, lean lines, those graceful spins, have anything to do with dessert. I worry about how those young girls are disciplined, how they discipline themselves, when it comes time to eat.




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